3 men arrested after police find drugs, guns in car on I-65

(Courtesy: Millersville Police Department)

ROBERTSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Three men reportedly headed to Nashville with guns and drugs are now behind bars in Robertson County.

It all started when a Millersville police officer made a simple traffic stop on Interstate 65 that quickly turned into much more.

The officer was wearing a body camera that showed how it all went down.

Tito Perez-Colon (Courtesy: Millersville Police Department)
Tito Perez-Colon (Courtesy: Millersville Police Department)

Officer Thomas Justice pulled over a vehicle going 91 mph in a 70 mph zone. Three men were inside. They’ve been identified as Tito Perez-Colon, 41; Marcus Parker, 28; and Courtney Harris, 28.

News 2 learned the officer was all alone dealing with the men he did not yet know had criminal histories as well as three semi-automatic weapons and drugs packaged for re-sale.

Office Justice reportedly received consent to search the car and takes the men out one by one, talking to them to keep them relaxed.

He is heard saying, “You ain’t under arrest. You are being detained for officer safety because I’m going to search the vehicle.”

Marcus Parker (Courtesy: Millersville Police Department)
Marcus Parker (Courtesy: Millersville Police Department)

The officer also constantly reminds them to keep their hands in plain sight.

“Keep your hands on top of that, you hear me?” Justice says.

With back-up office still minutes away, Office Justice allegedly begins to find trouble and tells arriving units.

According to police, he found guns, ammunition, and marijuana and placed them on the hood of the car.

Investigators say one of the bags contained 200 rounds of ammunication.

“We were all coming as fast as we could get there, but it only takes seconds for something to happen,” said Millersville police chief David Hindman.

Courtney Harris (Courtesy: Millersville Police Department)
Courtney Harris (Courtesy: Millersville Police Department)

Once back-up arrives, the three men are placed into custody, charged with a slew of drug and gun offenses.

That’s when the officer, facing one of the men under arrest, seems to exhale a sigh of relief also captured on his body camera.

“Thanks for not shooting me,” Officer Justice says.

“He is very fortunate these gentlemen did not produce firearms and start something violent at that moment,” Chief Hindman noted.

Crack and power cocaine were also allegedly found inside the car, along with hundreds of dollars in cash.

“I was proud of my officer. [He] did an outstanding job. He conducted himself with great poise, professionalism and great courage,” Hindman told News 2.
Millersville police say the men were on their way to Nashville. They claimed they were dropping someone off at the bus station.

Metro police have no criminal histories on the men, who are now in the Robertson County jail.

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