Some residents of Springfield subdivision upset over unauthorized truck depot

Photo: WKRN

SPRINGFIELD, Tenn. (WKRN) – Neighbors in the Indian Hills subdivision of Springfield say they are sleep deprived and upset because of a truck depot in their backyards that the county did not approve.

Robertson County cannot make the truck depot move because the property owner was granted more time by the county zoning appeal board to find a new place to park the trailers.

The trailers belong to Electrolux and are parked there when not in use. Electrolux is expanding its plant in Springfield and the trailers had to be moved from a parking lot.

Baggett Grain owns the land and allowed the company to use the space beginning in mid-March.

However, the land is not zoned for commercial use and neighbors started to complain about loud truck noise in the middle of the night.

The owner of the land was granted 60 days from the closing date on a new plot of land to move the trailers.

Neighbors are frustrated that the Zoning Board of Appeals gave Baggett more time.

“We are sleep deprived and he is going to get to continue to torture us,” Leslie Diehm said. “The beeping from the cabs backing up to hook into the trailers wakes us up three to four times a night.”

But depending on where you live in the subdivision, there is no complaint.

Dave Fisher lives a few houses down from Diehm and on the other side of the street. He told News 2 he has never heard any noise coming from the truck depot or been awaken at night by the operation.

“The first I heard about it being a problem was when I got a note on my door from a neighbor,” he said. “My wife and I are home all day, every day.”

Diehm said the truck traffic is at its heaviest in the overnight hours.

She and some of her neighbors made noise complaints to the Robertson County Sheriff’s office and to the Robertson County Mayor.

“That is simply not acceptable, we have to find some relief for these people,” County Mayor Howard Bradley said. “The appeals board voted to give that extension. Our county attorney told us it would be difficult to get an injunction against our own county’s appeals board.”

The zoning appeals board is made up of Robertson County residents who are appointed by the Robertson County Commission.

Mayor Bradley lives in the subdivision, but said he does not hear noise from the truck operations.

Mac Baggett Jr. owns the land the trailers are parked on near the subdivision.

He told News 2 he is in the middle of buying more land to put the trailers on, but it will take time to have the site ready.

“I made a mistake and moved too fast,” he said. “I am trying to correct it as fast as I can.”

Baggett Jr. said once the land purchase is finished he will have to do gravel work, add security fencing and then have the trailers relocated.

Robertson’s County Mayor Bradley said the county is looking for ways to strengthen their enforcement abilities.

News 2 has reached out to Electrolux Corporate offices for comment.

Electrolux North America Spokeswoman Eloise Hale wrote in an email:

As previously announced, Mr. Baggett is moving quickly to find an alternate location,” she wrote. “ During this time, we continue to work closely with the county, city and Mr. Baggett to address the residents’ concerns and have appreciated their support.”

Electrolux North America is expanding its operation in Springfield.

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