Franklin Graham, son of famed evangelist Billy Graham, prays at Tennessee Capitol

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – In one of the largest crowds ever to attend an event at Tennessee’s Legislative Plaza, the son of a famed evangelist brought a message of prayer and politics to thousands of people in downtown Nashville.

Franklin Graham began by sending greetings from his 97-year-old father Billy but joked that the elder Graham “wondered if anyone would remember him.”

The roar of the crowd indicated that just about everyone there did remember his father before Franklin Graham quickly turned to the central theme of his 50-state tour called Decision America.

(Photo: WKRN)
(Photo: WKRN)

I have zero hope in the Republican Party. I have zero hope in the Democratic Party the only hope in the United States of American is almighty God,” Rev. Franklin Graham said.

While not making any endorsements, or naming politicians that he might uphold the Christian principles he spoke of, Graham said, “might have to hold your nose on the presidential race,” but “pray to God, then go vote. He will tell you.”

He also added that “our moral walls are down” and “many leaders are more concerned with political correctness.”

Crowd estimates varied with some saying there were at least 5,000 in attendance, while others guessed it could have swelled to nearly 10,000 during the 30 minutes Graham spoke.

Graham urged those in attendance to focus more on Christian candidates who run for things like city councils or school boards.

He ended with several prayers including those for state government officials such as the governor and legislators.

One of the largest crowds ever to attend an event at Legislative Plaza was in November 2000 when thousands were there for Al Gore’s presidential election night events.

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