Man who won’t leave H30 Aquatics served restraining order by deputies

Photo: WKRN

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) — Rutherford County deputies served a restraining order Thursday morning at H30 Aquatics in Murfreesboro, but the man inside says he’s not leaving.

A Rutherford County Sheriff’s Deputy arrived at H30 Aquatics Thursday morning to serve a temporary restraining order.

“Can you come to the door and talk to us, we’re not here to make you leave or anything. I just have a paper here for you to read to you,” said Captain Nathan Pagel.

The man inside, Keith Van de Castle, who allegedly came up with the concept for the franchise, refused to open the door, so they spoke with him by phone.

He apologized to police for keeping them at bay for six hours Wednesday, claiming he was asleep.

“I apologize, but I had no idea that anybody was here,” he said.

The restraining order taken out by Franchisee Captain Michael Burrows, who owns Serenity Therapies operating as H30 Aquatics, states in a nutshell, that

Photo: WKRN
Photo: WKRN

Van de Castle poses a threat of immediate harm to the business, customers and reputation.

If Van de Castle leaves the business, he can’t return, per the order.

“As long as it takes. If it’s Christmas, I’ll be here until Christmas,” he told News 2.

The order states in part that the defendant, directly and through its agents is hereby restrained from reentering business and further interfering with the business operations.

Burrows came to open for business, but Van de Castle still refused to let him in.

“It’s very hurtful. It just kind of knocks you down; it sucks,” said Burrows.

Burrows immediately contacted his attorney who drafted up another motion to have Van de Castle physically removed from the business.

H30 Aquatics is a warm underwater therapy facility where clients who are getting back to working out can do so with the help of water.

“I hate it. I hope they get if figured out soon, cause I really missing my workout,” said client Debra Hall.

Van de Castle is demanding three things from Burrows. One that he sign documents admitting he is a franchisee, secondly, that he signs a non-disclosure agreement stating that Van de Castle came up with the ideas and concept for the business and that he drops what he calls a nuisance civil lawsuit.

A hearing for an order to have Van de Castle removed has been scheduled for Friday at 8 a.m. in Judge Keith Siskin’s courtroom.

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