#DearPeyton: Gatorade pays tribute to Peyton Manning through his letters

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Gatorade created a series of videos to honor Super Bowl Champion and former UT Vol Peyton Manning.

Each video features a person or people from Manning’s life he has written a personal letter to, including family, teammates, coaches and three more names many might not know.

One of those names is Pam Frenzel. “While receiving treatment at Peyton Manning’s Children’s hospital, Pam Frenzel watched her son Tyler and Peyton form a special and lasting friendship.”

Another is Brandon Washington, the first-ever recipient of the PeyBack Foundation Scholarship. Peyton congratulated him on his graduation.

The last name some might now know is Chris Mortensen. Gatorade says, “When there was nothing but speculation in the media surrounding Peyton Manning’s retirement, it was journalist and longtime Manning family friend Chris Mortensen whom Peyton entrusted to break the story.”

Click here if you can’t see all the videos below this story.

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