Brett Eldredge helps honor music teachers with CMA Foundation

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The CMA Music Festival is a little more than a month away, and if you’ve ever wondered where all the proceeds go, here’s a great example.

This week, country star Brett Eldredge went on a huge spending spree, passing out $2,000 grants to 50 Metro music teachers courtesy of the County Music Association.

Brett Eldredge (Photo: WKRN)
Brett Eldredge (Photo: WKRN)

For the man with multiple No. 1 hits, it’s a cause that’s close to his heart.

“This is something that I was very passionate about with the CMA Foundation,” Eldredge said. “They asked if anybody had a big passion for this, and I said, ‘Me!’ and raised my hand.”

“If I wouldn’t have had Ms. Judy Carroll, who’s being honored tonight, I don’t know if I would’ve been encouraged to be able to be on that stage, to have that courage to get up onstage every night and sing in front of you know thousands of people,” the country singer explained.

Brett Eldredge with former teacher Judy Carroll (Photo: CMA)
Brett Eldredge with former teacher Judy Carroll (Photo: CMA)

Carroll is Eldredge’s childhood music teacher from Paris, Illinois, where he grew up. She’s been teaching music for 27 years.

“Back then it was like 20 people [at the shows], but you know, it’s those big steps that say you have a skill, you have a talent, you should go chase this dream,” he said.

Eldredge said he was one of those kids that didn’t always quite get it, so he would stay after school to work “some amazing teachers like Judy Carroll,” who he says stuck with him and helped him learn more.

“That does more than just teach you about music. That teaches you about life and about your character and everything and learning about who you are, so I love you music educators. Keep doing what you’re doing!” he added.

This year’s CMA Music Festival will raise money for music education June 9 through June 12 in downtown Nashville.

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