Over 700,000 boycott Target stores nationwide over restroom policy

Target Generic
(Courtesy: WATE)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSPA) – More than 700,000 shoppers and counting are boycotting Target stores across the country after the retailer announced transgender people are welcome to use the restrooms that they identify with the most.

Target stated on their website, “Inclusion is about creating an environment where everyone feels welcome [including people who have a specific] “gender identity or expression.”

Deb Foreman has a transgender son and supports Target’s policy.

“I, for one, will probably shop more at Target now that they’ve made this statement, as well as probably several hundred thousand other people.”

But now, more than half a million people nationwide have agreed to stay out of Target because of their beliefs against the matter, stemming from a boycott led by the Mississippi-based Christian group, the American Family Association.

“As a grown man, as long as he self-identifies as a woman, can go into a woman’s restroom with women and children, and so we thought that policy was very dangerous,” says Walker Wildmon, Assistant President of American Family Association.

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