NEW FEATURES: WKRN News 2 app debuts new features, customization options

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The WKRN News 2 app is getting an upgrade, providing users with more ways to customize the news and weather you receive each day.

If you already have our app, you’re going to love the updates in this latest version.

If you’ve never downloaded our app before and choose to do so today, you’ll stay up to date on the latest breaking news, weather and live events happening each day.

Here are the highlights of the changes we’ve made to enhance your experience in our app:



Under the current version of our app, if you opted into ‘push alerts’ you would receive every alert we sent out.

With the latest version, you will now have the ability to tailor the alerts you receive by category.

You can tailor the alerts you receive by clicking on the Settings section and selecting the Notifications tab.

You can opt in or out of any category at any time.


When Quiet Time is enabled, no push notifications from our WKRN News 2 app will be delivered to you.

Your safety is important to us. Please keep in mind if you set quiet times you will not receive any severe weather alerts we send out on our news app (if you’ve opted into those types of alerts).


Once you update to the latest version of our app, you will have two different ways of tailoring the weather to your tastes.

Under the Settings section on the app, you’ll click the Weather tab. You will then be able to choose to have the weather tailored to the GPS location of your phone or by zip code.

No matter which one you choose, you can always hop back into the Settings and change it if you decide you’d prefer one set of weather information more than another.


If you already have our app, simply head to your iOS or Google Play store and update to the latest version to start enjoying all the incredible updates.

If you don’t already have our app or if you had it and removed it, you can follow the download link below to get connected.

Download: Apple | Google Play