Ohio teacher makes special needs student’s prom a reality

(Courtesy : WDTN)

ENGLEWWOD, Ohio (WDTN) — An Ohio paraprofessional made one of her special needs student’s dreams come true by taking her to prom.

It’s a Cinderella story with paraprofessional Carla Craft as the fairy godmother who made it all happen.

“I can’t thank our community enough for this. I just can’t thank them enough,” said Craft.

High school junior Maricela Henry wanted nothing more than to go to prom, but it was last minute, and with no dress, no shoes, and no ticket, it was up to Carla to make the impossible, possible.

“I got on the Northmont site. We have a Northmont Resale site,” said Craft. “Basically said help. I need a dress. I explained the situation that I work at Northmont High School as a paraprofessional, I have a special needs student that wants to go to prom.”

Working her magic, the community answered her calls.

“Somebody brought her a corsage. They brought her a little necklace that she could wear so she has jewelry so she’s got her bling. Her bus driver bought her shoes,” said Craft.

It wasn’t something Maricela expected, and it wasn’t something Carla expected either.

“My head’s still spinning a little bit,” said Craft. “I mean I couldn’t believe the overwhelming response that we had from our community. I’ve cried a couple times.”

The two met at an Englewood gazebo Saturday to take pictures ahead of the big night.

“I mean I really wasn’t planning on wearing a prom dress but I thought she’s my date! I’m not letting her show me up,” laughed Craft.

While two Cinderellas head to the ball, their fairy tale ends with a happily ever after.

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