Significantly cold temperatures likely to be over for Middle Tennessee

Ridge of high pressure to keep Middle TN warm

Nashville, Tenn. – (WKRN) Our weather is under the influence of what meteorologists call an “Omega Block” in the upper air pattern. “Omega” because of its shape, and a “Block” because it blocks (or at least slows down) weather coming in from the west. 4-17 Omega Sumbol

The rule of thumb for the upper air is”

High pressure ridges = warm air

Low pressure troughs = cool air

With the “block” in place, that high pressure ridge keeps us warm. When it finally breaks down and the precipitation pushes through Middle TN on Thursday, both the GFS model and the ECMWF model agree that another ridge of high pressure pops up over the mid south.


4-17 ECMWF Combo

That should keep Middle Tennessee mild through the end of April. GARDENERS, GO FOR IT! But keep the water hose handy!

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