Tennessee workers join nationwide, 24-hour fast food strike


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A nationwide, 24-hour strike began April 14 by workers in the fast food industry.

Workers in Nashville, Memphis and Knoxville all joined the strike on the heels of an unprecedented series of pay increases with workers in California and New York winning $15 per hour.

According to a press release for “Fight for 15,” other places where the pay has been increased to $15 per hour include:

  • The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pennsylvania’s largest employer
  • Nursing home workers in Pennsylvania
  • Home care workers in Massachusetts and Oregon
  • Companies including Facebook, Aetna, Amalgamated Bank, and Nationwide Insurance

So on Thursday, workers across Tennessee, which the group says is the state with the highest percentage of minimum wage earners, will be rallying to call attention to the need for higher wages and union rights.

At the center of the fight is a demand for McDonald’s, the world’s second largest employer, “end a business model that not only harms the workers, but sets standards and influences working conditions across industries,” the press release states.

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