Bernie Sanders wins Wyoming, but delegates evenly split

(AP Photo)

WASHINGTON (AP) – Bernie Sanders may have won the Wyoming caucus, but in terms of delegates it was a draw.

Sanders split the state’s delegates evenly with Hillary Clinton. Each picked up seven.

Democratic contests award delegates in proportion to the vote, so even the loser gets some. In Wyoming, Sanders’ victory with 56 percent of the vote wasn’t enough to secure an additional delegate over Clinton.

That means barely a change in the overall delegate count.

To date, Clinton has 1,287 delegates based on primaries and caucuses to Sanders’ 1,037.

When including superdelegates, or party officials who can back any candidate, Clinton has 1,756, or 74 percent of the number needed to clinch the nomination. Sanders has 1,068.

Meanwhile on the Republican side, the hunt for presidential delegates is focusing on Colorado.

Republican Ted Cruz looks to add to his edge in Colorado over front-runner Donald Trump when 13 more delegates are chosen at the GOP state convention on Saturday.

Cruz already has locked up the support of 21 Colorado delegates.

Trump holds an overall lead nationally, but there’s seems to be a real chance no one will reach the 1,237 mark by the national convention in Cleveland in July.

Ted Cruz says there’s no room for subtlety in politics – and his team is making that clear at Colorado’s Republican state convention.

Cruz’s supporters in Colorado Springs are wearing bright orange T-shirts – with his slate of desired delegates printed on the back.

That’s in contrast to Donald Trump, who skipped the convention to remain in his home state of New York, which holds its primary April 19.

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