Man accused of filming women in Smyrna park’s bathroom

(Photo: WKRN)

SMYRNA, Tenn. (WKRN) – Authorities believe a man arrested in Wisconsin filmed women inside Smyrna restrooms.

William Davis was charged in Smyrna with felony especially aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor.

(Courtesy: Smyrna Police Department)
(Courtesy: Smyrna Police Department)

Police received a call from the Eau Claire Police Department in Wisconsin on April 1 informing them a man recently arrested for privacy violations may have committed similar offenses in Smyrna.

Local authorities were able to determine Davis had computers containing photos and video footage of women inside bathrooms.

“Anytime a crime involves a child being a victim it scratches the heart of anyone who’s a parent,” Smyrna police Sgt. Bobby Gibson said.

Detectives also determined several of the images were taken inside female restrooms at the Volunteer Park on 8th Avenue in Smyrna.

Police want to assure the public there are no electronic recording devices in any of the town’s park system restroom facilities.

Smyrna city park workers prepped the soft ball fields Friday afternoon for the opening day Jamboree on Saturday.

Concessions manager Debbie Thomas is preparing as well.

“This is the women’s bathroom here,” pointed said as she pointed. “It stays locked now, so it won’t have any more of these issues.”

Thomas said she will check; double check and triple check the bathrooms before anyone uses them now.

“We just have to reassure kids and their parents that they are safe, and we are going to do our part as Board members, concession stand managers, especially, and parents and coaches that our girls are going to be safe and not in harm’s way,” she said.

Thomas coached softball here at Volunteer Park back in 1980’s, now her granddaughter plays.

“My granddaughter is young and she’s played out here for the past four years, and she could possibly be one of them,” Thomas said. “It’s devastating to think you kids could be victimized by this.”

The investigation into Davis is ongoing and he is held on a $100,000 bond and will appear in Smyrna General Sessions Court on April 12.

Concerned you or your child is a victim?

If anyone is concerned that they or their child may be on video, please contact Detective Allan Nabours via email at and please attach a photo of you or your loved one.

The photo will be compared to photographs in a database at the police department and you will be notified if you or your child was a victim.

“Anyone who has the female restroom at the volunteer park, whether they or children who have used that restroom, we’re asking them to notify police,” Sgt. Gibson said. “Please send a photo of themselves or their child so we can reference that with images we have in our data base to determine whether they may or may not be a potential victim.”

Statement from Smyrna Police Department

On Friday, the Smyrna Police Department said since the arrest was reported they have received numerous inquiries, “as expected,” concerning Davis.

“Many of those citizens have, understandably, been interested in the suspected time span of the recordings,” the department said, adding that evidence has been sent to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation so their computer forensics division can work toward finding an answer.

“There are several aspects to this investigation and the detective division is working to ensure all available evidence is obtained. Obviously, this type of criminal investigation is a priority for any law enforcement agency and our department will notify the citizens of updates, as it is prudent without compromising the prosecution of this case,” the department added.

The press release concluded with, “Much of the information in this type of investigation is sensitive due to the subject matter; therefore, we ask our citizens to be patient as we move forward with it and that if citizens have either information to provide or further questions, that you contact Detective Allan Nabours at 615-459-6644.”

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