Watch Indiana man mow snow-covered lawn

(WRIC Photo)

KOKOMO, Ind. (WISH) — April arrived with some crazy weather. From damaging winds to unseasonably cold temperatures to snow and eventually sunshine, central Indiana saw it all in the first weekend of the month.

High winds on the the north side of Indianapolis even toppled a wall that crushed a car. Witnesses said it was “a miracle” the driver made it out OK.

Tens of thousands were in the dark as winds took out power lines across the region.

Video of a Kokomo man clad in shorts and a sleeveless T-shirt mowing his lawn amid Saturday’s snowfall has quickly spread around Facebook. The lighthearted snapshot of the weekend’s roller coaster weather was posted by Stephanie Uuro‎ with the caption: “Only in Kokomo, Indiana!”

Uuro‎ told 24-Hour News 8 the man on the mower is Mike Burton. It’s unclear if he was more effective at cutting grass or blowing snow.

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