Toddler in truck ‘stopped’ by Ohio police

(Courtesy: Xenia Police Division)

XENIA, Ohio (WCMH)–Braydon Miller was taking his new Chevrolet Silverado out for a drive when he was stopped by a Xenia police officer last Friday.

But he wasn’t in trouble–it would probably be difficult for a one-year-old in a toy truck to break any laws!

Officer Brian Blackaby saw Braydon while he was on patrol, according to WHIO in Dayton. 

Braydon’s father, Brian Miller, asked the officer if he would pose with his son for a photo. Blackaby turned his lights on and pulled out his ticket book.

“He was kind of shy around me; he looked concerned,” Blackaby said of Braydon in an interview with WHIO.

Miller said the officer was very nice, and added his son was “amazed” to get his fake ticket.

The first-time offender turned 2 on Sunday.

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