Alabama teacher arrested for sex with student days after wife arrested on similar charge

(Courtesy: WIAT)

PICKENS COUNTY, Ala. (MEDIA GENERAL) – A husband and wife were arrested this week on “similar” charges of having sex with a student, Pickens County Sheriff David Abston said.

James Parker, 32, was arrested Wednesday, March 30, 2016, by the Pickens County Sheriff’s Department, jail records say. Parker, a teacher and coach at Pickens Academy in Carrollton, faces allegations of a sexual relationship with a former student, a female under the age of 19.

Parker’s wife, Charli, was arrested Monday for allegedly having sex with a student. Charli Parker also is a teacher and coach at Pickens Academy.

“The incidents are separate and unrelated in place of manner of commission. None of the criminal sexual activity occurred at the school,” said District Attorney Chris McCool.

Per authorities, the investigation still is ongoing.

Brad White, Headmaster of Pickens Academy, released a statement after Charli Parker was arrested.

“The primary concern of Pickens Academy is the safety of our students. Pickens Academy is very upset about the allegations against our employee. The employee will be suspended immediately and further action may be taken upon investigation. I request prayers for our school family and for all families involved.”

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