East Tenn. nurse delivers own baby by herself at home

(Courtesy: WATE)

OLIVER SPRINGS, Tenn. (WATE) – An East Tennessee woman delivered her baby at home, all by herself. Megan Whaley is a labor and delivery nurse at Methodist Medical Center Of Oak Ridge.

“It’s still unreal to me. I don’t think it’s really hit,” Whaley explained.

As a labor and delivery nurse for the last 11 years, Whaley has helped deliver a lot of babies, but she never thought she’d one day deliver her own baby, by herself, on her bathroom floor.

“I just pushed as hard as I could,” she said.

With her first two kids she spent hours having contractions, so initially she thought she had some time, and called her husband, who was at work.

“He usually works about 30 minutes away. But he was about an hour away on this day,” explained her husband David Whaley.

Then her water broke. The only other person at home was her 3-year-old son Deegan.

“He brought me a juice box and asked if I wanted to watch Paw Patrol with him,” Whaley said.

She called her husband again. He was still on his way.

“She says, ‘You need to call 911. Tell them how to get to the house’. Megan, she’s always level, always calm and controlled. So I called 911. I’m delirious at this point. Out of control. Breaking the speed limit and all,” Whaley described.

Planning to keep the mess to a minimum, she prepped her bathroom floor with towels.

“Then when I realized she was coming, I thought I’d rather stay in here. So I got some more towels out and lay down on the floor so when I had her, she wouldn’t hit the tile and so that I could dry her off,” Whaley explained.

After a lot of pain and pushing, out came Emery. Ambulance crews and her husband arrived shortly after.

“She says, ‘It’s a girl!’ Amazing. I told her it’s not 1860. People die doing that kind of thing. It’s dangerous. But Megan, she’s really sharp. She knows what she’s doing,” David Whaley said, about his wife’s accomplishment.

“I don’t know if she’s going to be a drama queen or wanted to make a dramatic entrance since she’s the only girl we have. The pediatrician said maybe we got the drama out of the way. So hopefully she won’t be a drama queen the rest of her life,” Megan Whaley said smiling and holding her baby.

She says her advice to pregnant moms is to always be prepared for an unexpected delivery.

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