South Carolina woman dies in freak accident at drive-thru

(Courtesy: WCBD)

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – Authorities say Pamela Page, 28, of North Charleston, was in the drive-thru of Biggby Coffee about to pay for her coffee when she dropped her credit card.

As she opened her door to grab it, her foot slipped on the accelerator, sending her car into the building.

Officials told WCBD it caused her head to slam into the driver’s side door, killing her on impact.

On Thursday, the news station spoke with Page’s family members, who were still shedding tears.

The woman’s sister, Ebony Page, says Pamela was a beautiful mother who worked three jobs to support her three young daughters.

Ebony Page told WCBD, “I was so proud of her. I’m going to make her proud of me. I love her so much. I’m going to miss her, and don’t worry about the girls, I’m going to do everything I can to make sure they stick together.”

Family members say Page loved to sing, write music, play practical jokes on her siblings, and everyone said she was always happy.

Her cousin said, “She’s an angel now, watching over us and her babies. We are going to miss her.”

She was one of six children and all of her siblings say they all looked up to her.

Page’s youngest sister, Desja Page, explained, “Losing her was kind of like losing a mother. She always would tell us, ‘Stick together! We are sisters!’ I don’t want this to be true. But she always said, ‘Stay strong! I don’t want you crying. Turn up!’ That’s the type of person she was. So everybody who knows her, stay strong and honor her! Have a party; listen to her songs; turn up! That’s Pam.”

The woman’s best friend, Shayna Smith, was on the phone with Pamela when the accident at the drive-thru happened.

“We was just in the middle of discussion… and I heard her, I heard her body fighting to continue to live and it just ate me up because I couldn’t do anything about it.”

One family member told WCBD, “We hate that it happened, but you can’t question God.”

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