Viral photo of Texas dog hugging teddy bear causes controversy

(Courtesy: Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward)

HOUSTON, Texas (WCMH) – A photo that shows a dog asleep with a teddy bear has gone viral and sparked some controversy.

The photo was taken by a rescue group in Houston, Texas, called Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward Project.

After posting it, the rescue group began getting questions asking why they didn’t rescue the dog.

It turns out the dog belonged to an 89-year-old man who takes in many dogs in the area.

The post says, “This dog is in relatively good condition and, sadly, when people see a dog in this shape, they are less likely to step up to foster. So what we do is mostly post the dogs that are in worse shape and need immediate medical attention.”

The group, which consists of volunteers, continues to say that leaving the dog behind was hard for them and asks the public not to judge them.

“Nothing would make us happier than to be out in the field and know that if we could post any dog and know that a foster would step up,” the post adds.

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