Man spends $1K for bottle of ranch dressing

(Courtesy: WCMH)

DALLAS, TX (WCMH) — A typical bottle of ranch dressing will set you back about $2 or $3 at the grocery store, but that didn’t stop one Texas man from spending $1000 to get some ranch dressing.

For the last five years, the bottle of ranch Josh Tipton has had his eyes on has been sitting in a wooden case at Cane Rosso Pizza. The restaurant has one rule: No ranch with your order, ever, unless you’re willing to spend $1,000.

“It’s so legendary. I’ve kind of always thought about buying it. I never thought I’d have the opportunity to,” Tipton told KTVT-TV.

“Never in a million years did we think someone was actually going to buy the bottle of ranch,” said Beth Moore of Cane Rosso.

When the restaurant learned about a fire at a Humane Society where more than 70 dogs were killed, it started taking donations to help. That’s when Tipton, a dog owner himself, said it was finally time to buy that old bottle of ranch.

“Only in Texas, only in Dallas could you spend $1,000 on a bottle of ranch,” joked Tipton.

Tipton tells KTVT-TV that he’ll never actually open the bottle of ranch. Instead, he plans to frame it as a reminder that you should always try to help others in need.

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