Lost seal pup rescued from California neighborhood

(Courtesy: Fremont Police Department)

FREMONT, Calif. (WCMH)–Police in a city north of San Jose were called to rescue a pup from someone’s yard.

Not a puppy, mind you–a seal pup, who was several miles from the nearest open water!

The Fremont Police Department shared a video of the little seal on their Facebook page.

According to the Marine Mammal Center, it’s not the first time a seal has been spotted in the area, despite its distance from seal-habitable waters. The seal, nicknamed Ozzie, had no reported injuries.

Center staff members say the 9-month-old pup was found malnourished last November at New Brighton State Beach in Capitola.

She was treated and released earlier this month in Bodega Bay, which is about 100 miles northwest from where the animal was found this week in Fremont.

They say the seal should have headed north to Alaska but lost her way and headed south.

The police department later updated its page to let everyone know the seal’s real name is Kumofur.

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