Clarksville dog tests positive for rabies

(Photo: WKRN)

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Another dog in Middle Tennessee has tested positive for rabies, this time in Clarksville.

The discovery comes a week after the Tennessee Department of Health confirmed two dogs tested positive for rabies in Middle Tennessee, one from Wilson County and another from DeKalb County.

According to Montgomery County Animal Care and Control (MCAC) Director Jeanette Farrell, the owner brought the pit bull type dog to Family Pet Hospital over the weekend because it was acting suspicious.

Jim Burchett, veterinarian and owner of Family Pet Hospital, said the dog was displaying abnormal neurological symptoms including excessive salivation, imbalance, difficulty swallowing, and muscle spasms.

Because the veterinarians suspected rabies, the dog was euthanized and decapitated, according to Clarksville Now. The dog’s head was sent to a lab in Nashville for test results, which came back positive Tuesday.

Farrell said this is the only way to test an animal for rabies.

She said the dog was residing with another dog at their home on Oak Plains Rd. in Montgomery County. The second dog has been placed under quarantine, and euthanasia of the second dog will be left to the discretion of the vet.

Pets typically contract rabies from wildlife. Burchett said skunks, raccoons, and bats are the top three carriers of the virus in the state of Tennessee.

Farrell said the best way to prevent the spread of rabies is to make sure all cats and dogs are vaccinated, which is required by state law.

*Clarksville Now contributed to this report. 

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