Pet of the Week for March 21, 2016

(Photo courtesy Metro Animal Care and Control)

Looking for a new pet? Check out Nashville’s News 2’s “Pet of the Week” segment every Tuesday on News 2 This Morning. Below are this week’s featured pets:

ID: A127333
Name: Mellow
Breed: rottweiler
Gender: male
Age: 2 yrs.

What’s up y’all I’m Mellow. I am a really sweet guy you can tell just by looking at my face. I can be pretty playful and active sometimes. I would really love to join a family that goes for hikes or spends a lot of time outside. When the time comes though I am always ready for cuddles and relaxing. I am really friendly and get along with pretty much anyone. Previously I have lived with men, women, and children and done just fine. With a face and personality like mine I am hard to resist. You should totally come down to the shelter today and meet me!

ID: A126601
Name: Snoopy
Breed: American bulldog
Gender: male
Age: 8 yrs.

My name is Snoopy and I just can’t wait to find my forever home. Even with my age I am still an active guy.  You know what they say you gotta be young at heart. I also find it easy to be affectionate with my people. There is nothing I like more than getting scratches and love from my favorite humans. In my last home I lived with men, women, and children and I would love to be back in a home like that. I’m a big guy but that just means that there is more of me to love. If you’ve been looking for your new best friend you can stop the search because your lookin at him.

ID: A126595
Name: CJ
Breed: lab mix
Gender: male
Age: 3 yrs.

My name is CJ and I would love to be the new man in your life. I am the kind of guy that is always by your side. You could basically say that I like to be someone’s shadow. While I definitely like to go outside and play my real passion is being a couch potato. I just love to take naps. Especially if that nap involves snuggling with my favorite human. My previous owner said that I am house trained. They also said that I have always been good with men, women, children, cats, and other dogs. I pretty much get along with anyone. If you would like a go with the flow friend to add to your home come down to MACC to meet me!

ID: A127409
Name: Cheyenne
Gender: female
Age: 8 yrs.

My name is Cheyenne and I am one of the prettiest girls in all the land. I just got to Tennessee from Mississippi where the first shelter I was in flooded. I was so excited that the nice people in Tennessee were willing to take me in! Although when I really think about it who wouldn’t want to take me in? I am a super friendly girl. I love to talk to people as soon as they enter the room. I also love to cuddle with people and have them pet me. They did find out that I was FIV+ when I came to the shelter. The staff told me that it’s okay though and it shouldn’t affect my life span. I would be the perfect cat for any family. Wouldn’t you like to come down to the shelter and meet me?

ID: A126831
Name: Patsy
Gender: female
Breed: pit bull mix
Age: 6 yrs.

My name is a Patsy! I am a really sweet girl. If you are looking for a laid back friend you have found her in me. I do like to go out for walks but I also really like to hang out and watch TV. Most people don’t think dogs like Tv but that just isn’t true. I am really hoping to find my forever home soon. I would really love to have a family to call my own, in fact you should come on down to the shelter today and meet me!

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Anyone interested in adopting one of these pets is urged to contact Metro Animal Care and Control at 615-862-7928.

Click here for a gallery of the most recent pets of the week.

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