‘Heightened sense of awareness’ at BNA after Brussels attacks

BNA Nashville International Airport
(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The attacks at a Brussels airport are having a trickle-down effect on airports all over the world.

At Nashville International Airport (BNA), travelers are being urged to arrive for their flights at least two hours prior to departure. An official at BNA reported earlier Tuesday travelers can expect a “heightened sense of awareness” following the attacks.

Agents also remain on high alert at the airport and visitors can expect an increased police presence.

Travelers told News 2 they are well aware of the heightened security and say it is a welcome presence.

“I’m very nervous. You never know what to expect, especially when you have no idea what can happen next. I’m definitely nervous, especially flying from one big hub to another,” traveler Alexandria Haddix said.

A spokesperson for the airport said they are urging travelers to double check their flights before arrival, especially since travelers headed to major international hubs could be faced with delays or cancellations.

“I think I’ve double checked my flights like 1,000 times this morning just to see if anything changed,” Haddix said.

Despite the concerns of some, other travelers said they will no change their travel habits because of terrorists.

“I don’t let terrorist have control over my life. I don’t believe in letting them stop me live,” said Colleen Wells.

Security officers told News 2 they had not received any extra alerts or briefings following the attacks.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Director Jeh Johnson has been briefed on the situation, and reports no credible threat to the U.S.

Students studying abroad

Lipscomb, Vanderbilt and Belmont universities all said they do not have any students studying abroad in Belgium.

Freed-Hardiman University, a private university in Henderson, Tenn., said they do have students in Belgium.

The university said they are in constant communication with both students and faculty and that everyone is safe.

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