Changes planned for Tennessee campus carry bill

Courtesy: WJBF

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The measure called the “campus carry bill” is getting some changes on Tennessee’s Capitol Hill.

It allows for faculty and staff at state colleges and universities to carry a properly-permitted handgun.

Senate sponsor Mike Bell told News 2 he’s working on an amendment that would let the law enforcement with jurisdiction at individual schools confidentially know who might be carrying a weapon.

He’s also wants to add language to the bill that would provide additional training from law enforcement for those carry their weapons on campus.

Sen. Bell hopes to bring the measure before the chamber’s Judiciary Committee next week.

It will be opposed by groups such as Moms Demand Action for Common Gun Sense in America.

Its local members were on Tennessee’s Capitol Hill Tuesday meeting with lawmakers including House Speaker Beth Harwell and Lt. Governor Mike Ramsey.

“Ninety percent of police chiefs oppose guns on campus,” spokeswoman Kathleen Chandler Wright told News 2. “Ninety-four percent of faculty, 90 percent of college presidents oppose guns on campus.”

Having none of those numbers is Sen. Bell, who has his own figures.

“The statistics show the vast number of mass shootings happen in gun-free zones and there are 14 states that allow some form of campus carry,” he often says.

Expect those arguments when the measure makes its Senate appearance next week.

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