Man accused of stealing donation jar in Bon Aqua identified by jailer

Brandon Williams
Brandon Williams (Courtesy: Hickman County Sheriffs Department)

BON AQUA, Tenn. (WKRN) – The man accused of stealing a donation jar from a gas station has been identified and is now behind bars.

Surveillance video obtained by News 2 shows the suspect, 32-year-old Brandon Williams, in action.

First you see Williams counting his cash and purchasing a drink from the Twice Daily’s Shell Station on Highway 46 in Bon Aqua.

(Courtesy: Hickman County Sheriffs Department)
(Courtesy: Hickman County Sheriffs Department)

“It clearly shows the individual at the counter counting out large bills. He’s counting out money; he’s talking to the clerk,” said Detective Doddo with the Hickman County Sheriffs Department.

That’s when Williams allegedly grabs a collection jar full of change meant for Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital while the clerk isn’t looking.

“He goes back out to his car and comes in with a handful of change,” said Detective Doddo.

Counting the money he just stole, Williams buys lottery tickets and leaves.

The Hickman County Sheriff’s Office posted surveillance pictures on its Facebook page asking anyone who recognized Williams to come forward.

But after Williams left the gas station, he got in a wreck and was arrested for drunk driving. A jailer then recognizes him as the man from the surveillance pictures.

Williams, already behind bars for drunk driving, now has a shoplifting charge.

He reportedly admitted to detectives he is the person in the surveillance video; however, he says he did not steal the donation jar.

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