Dog found emaciated, rescued from north Nashville home

Photo: WKRN

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN)  – A dog that rescued last week remains at a Nashville shelter where he is being nursed back to health.

Animal Control officers found the Rottweiler chained to a tree in the backyard of a north Nashville home after receiving a call from a neighbor last Wednesday.

The dog was reportedly unable to reach his food or water bowls.

Officials also said the dog was on the verge of starvation and had a chain around its neck that investigators called an “extreme choking hazard.”

In their report, officers wrote, “This dog appeared dehydrated and in danger of dying.”

The dog, now named Arthur by the staff at Metro Animal Care and Control, weighed in about 29 pounds last week, at least 20 pounds underweight.

“He had not been provided for for some time. He was very emaciated and super dehydrated as well,” Dr. Staci Cannon said. “He had not had food or water for some time. He was super hungry.”

Ellis Palmer has since been cited with animal cruelty.

Palmer said he lives at the home where Arthur was found and that he tried to take care of the dog, but it wasn’t his.

According to him, Arthur was a stray that was in bad shape when he began caring for him.

“Someone up the street moved and let the dog go in the neighborhood. We called the shelter and they said we had to put the dog in our car and bring it down there or they’d charge us to come and get the dog,” Palmer said.

He continued, “We just ain’t no [sic] heinous people who did nothing malicious. We’d feed the dog but it wasn’t our dog. They were trying to tell us if we fed the dog, it was our dog.”

Metro Animal Control told News 2 they have no record of a call from Palmer or anyone else at the home where Arthur was found.

Officials also said that Palmer claimed ownership of the canine before signing him over to the shelter.

Investigative sources told News 2 animal cruelty charges are possible for others residing at the home where Arthur was found.

“We ain’t [sic] done nothing [sic] heinous to this dog. [We’re] avid dog lovers,” Palmer said.

Arthur is expected to make a full recovery, which will take months, and then he’ll be eligible for adoption.

The animal cruelty charge in the case supersede the dog tethering violations also found when Arthur was rescued.

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