‘Can 150 strangers do something that Washington struggles to do?’

Courtesy: JetBlue

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – That’s the question JetBlue posed this week in an online video titled “Reach Across the Aisle.”

A spokesman is seen telling passengers on Flight 603 they would receive free round-trip flights if they could all agree on one destination before their flight landed.

“It seems like the world has been struggling to come an agreement lately. People everywhere are digging in and holding ground, refusing to compromise,” the spokesman says.

“So, as a social experiment, we wanted to find out if real people on a JetBlue flight would have an easier time putting aside their differences and reaching across the aisle,” he continues.

The video goes on to show the passengers of Flight 603 as they worked toward choosing a destination together.

Some wanted to stay domestic while others wanted to go international. They spoke to one another, debated on the loud speaker, and tried to convince the people “across the aisle.”

Did they compromise? Watch the video below to find out or click here from your mobile device.

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