Video shows Williamson County teen being punched at school

Photo: Submitted

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Williamson County mother is calling for action after video captured her teenage son being punched by another student at his school.

The video was recorded by the teen’s friend and appears to show the 14-year-old being hit in the head by a boy at the lunch table.

The mother, who does not want to be identified, says it happened last Tuesday at Heritage Middle School where her son is in the eighth grade.

Heritage Middle School (Photo: WKRN)
Heritage Middle School (Photo: WKRN)

“It was hard to watch and it broke my heart,” the mom told News 2.

She says her son suffered a concussion from the punch.

The mother also claims her son is the victim of bullying.

“My son was upset at the bully because he had been calling some of his friends names and so he tried to squirt water on him. The bully came over and tried to take my son’s water bottle,” the mother explained.

She continued, “My son continued to stay sitting down and the bully started to walk away and then he turned around and clocked my son in the head. Now, I don’t feel like he is safe at school.”

News 2 contacted Williamson County Schools but a spokesperson said the district can’t comment on disciplinary issues.

The mother says she has met with school officials and filed a report with the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department.

She told News 2 she is concerned for her son’s safety and would like to see the boys separated during lunch.

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