Entrepreneur aims to open 12-story hotel in SoBro neighborhood

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A local entrepreneur has plans for a hotel project that will be one-of-a-kind in Nashville’s booming SoBro neighborhood.

Mark Cleveland is calling it One Nashville. It’s set to go up in the 400 block of Lafayette Street within walking distance to the downtown hub.

The small piece of triangular real estate is so small that if you drive past Fourth Avenue and Lafayette Street downtown you might miss it.

You have to have an imagination to picture the 12-story hotel standing there.

Cleveland says, “Even really tiny pieces of land have great potential.”

The 5,000 square feet is over grown and overlooked, but Cleveland has big plans for it.

Twelve stories, 117 rooms, and then there’s the 360 degree view for miles for half the price of what most downtown rooms are going for a night.

Cleveland says, “I think $129 a night average rate within walking distance from the convention center is going to keep my hotel full.”

He says he plans to keep it so affordable by not catering to cars.

Since he’s building this hotel from corner to corner, there’s no room for parking. When he doesn’t have to park cars or build a multi-million dollar parking garage, he says he’ll be able to pass those savings on to his guests.

So he plans on getting guests to and from his hotel by creating a completely automated hospitality experience using self-driving cars.

With companies like Google and Nissan working on these futuristic cars, lawmakers are actively working on a law to get them on Tennessee roads, but there’s a lot of research that needs to be done.

“How do we need to change our traffic systems?” asks Cleveland. “How do we accommodate and provide for innovation and that’s I think where we are?”

Cleveland is taking some of that responsibility, hoping to give state lawmakers the answers they need so one day he can make his dream of an automated hospitality experience reality.

They probably won’t break ground on the hotel for another year or so, but Cleveland said to expect some big news about driverless cars sooner than that.

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