FRA basketball manager with Down syndrome scores 3-pointer

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It was an early birthday present for 19-year-old Robert Lewis, a senior at Franklin Road Academy with Down syndrome.

Courtesy: Kelley Tansil
Courtesy: Kelley Tansil

As the team manager of the basketball team, there was no guarantee he would have an opportunity to play. But Lewis was suited up on Friday for the first time.

He was called in to the game against University School of Nashville with 90 seconds left to go. He was no longer just looking the part; he was now playing it.

Photos: Robert Lewis scores 3-pointer

Lewis swished his second three-point attempt, making the goal of a lifetime.

The crowd erupted with cheers and FRA students carried him off the court

Courtesy: Kelley Tansil
Courtesy: Kelley Tansil

“He put me in. I was in the right-hand corner for the three,” Robert told News 2. “When I had that ball, when I shot it, I know that was going in, and when I made the shot, all I can hear is everybody going nuts.”

And it was a three-pointer nobody who saw will forget.

“It was basically the culmination of someone who has given so much to the school and so much to this classmates being repaid in love,” Assistant Coach Jay Salato told News 2.

“I was so happy that everyone loved me so much, and after the game everyone was crying with joy and I saw it through people’s eyes and I loved it,” Robert added.

Now his teammates has given him a nickname.

“They call me Money because I make three-pointers,” Robert said.

Courtesy: Kelley Tansil
Courtesy: Kelley Tansil

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