Officers buy new basketball goal for children playing without backboard

(Courtesy: Sergeant Chris Bundren via WCMH)

LOCKLAND, Ohio (WCMH)–Some kids in southwestern Ohio will wake up Saturday to a nice surprise, thanks to three police officers from Lockland.

Sergeant Chris Bundren with the Lockland Police Department said officers Ohl, Jones and Moyers were working second shift when they noticed some youngsters playing basketball.

“The basketball hoop was missing a backboard and was not in operable shape at all,” Bundren said in an email to NBC4. “The officers stopped and talked to the kids, who said they loved playing basketball but if they missed the hoop they would have to chase the ball due to the poor nature of the hoop and the lack of the backboard.”

The officers went to Walmart and bought a brand new mobile basketball hoop with their own money and took it back to the police department.

Bundren said they put the hoop together between calls for service in the village, which is north of Cincinnati.

Then, they put the hoop in Jones’ truck and drove back to the neighborhood, with both on-duty sergeants following behind to make sure the present arrived safely.

“The hoop was put next to the old one, a quick picture was taken by myself because I felt it should be documented due to the sheer gratitude shown by my guys,” Sgt. Bundren said. “None of the kids were outside so they will definitely have a good surprise come morning.”

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