Tennessee embraces movement to add amendments to Constitution

Courtesy: TN.gov

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A movement percolating across the country to add amendments to the U.S. Constitution overwhelmingly received the endorsement of Tennessee lawmakers Thursday morning after one of the longest floor debates so far this session.

Tennessee becomes the fifth of 34 needed states to approve the resolution, which would allow consideration of constitutional amendments such as balanced federal budget requirements and term limits for office holders, including federal judges.

Sponsored by Rep. Sheila Butt of Maury County, the resolution, pushed by a group called Convention of States, passed the House by a 59-31 vote.

It had previously been approved by the Tennessee Senate.

The resolution is currently being considered in over 30 other states, according to Tennessee Convention of States director Scott Williams.

“We think it has a good shot of passing in most of them this year,” he told News 2. “The convention could go concurrently with the presidential election this fall.”

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