Pant-stuffing Cîroc bandit strikes again in Murfreesboro

Photo: WKRN

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – A thief with a taste for top shelf vodka is suspected in stealing from several liquor stores across Murfreesboro.

He’s being called the Cîroc Bandit, that’s the brand of vodka he prefers.

On more than one occasion he has stolen the booze by stuffing the large bottles down his pants.

At Top Shelf Boutique Wine & Spirit, you’ll no longer find bottles of Cîroc vodka out in the open; in its place – an empty shelf and a photo of an alleged thief.

“We have cameras in the store and he’s still that blatant and reckless and he still comes in,” owner Magda Pierce said.

Pierce bought the business two weeks ago and has been hit twice.

She now keeps the expensive vodka behind the counter.

“He proceeded to put four bottles of 750 ml of Cîroc vodkas in his pants. That was on a Friday,” Pierce said.

Surveillance video shows the man going straight to the Cîroc and hiding several bottles in his pants.

He did the same thing on Monday

“He blatantly took four bottles of Cîroc again, this time with a gentleman,” Pierce said.

In both cases he pretended to forget his wallet, while a blonde hair woman or a man, who was with him, distracted the clerk.

This is actually the third time this Cîroc bandit has hit Top Shelf Liquors; under the previous ownership, a thief also stole four bottles and stuffed them down their pants.

The same man is believed to have also shoplifted from McGregor’s Liquor on Memorial Blvd. Monday.

The clerk told News 2, the man came in and chose a bottle of Cîroc, and pretended to have left his wallet.

The clerk put the booze out of the man’s reach, so he grabbed a big bottle of Jack Daniel’s and ran out of the store.

Murfreesboro police believe this is the same bandit who hit Hwy 96 Liquor Store, on Lascassas Pike, last May.

The suspect also stuffed large bottles of Cîroc vodka down his pants and ended up running out of the store after being confronted. He then struggled with the clerk, before trying to bite a chunk out of his arm and ramming his car into the building.

Police want this man off the street before he gets even more violent.

“We don’t want this to escalate to a point where either a store clerk or an innocent customer or even the suspect himself gets injured as a result of stealing the alcohol,”
Murfreesboro police Sgt. Kyle Evans said.

Pierce doesn’t want that to happen either.

“My concern and I’m sure the other shop owner’s concern is he’ll take it to the next level of violence, and we don’t want that,” Pierce said.

The clerks in the latest two robberies were able to get license plate information from the two vehicles the man left in. One came back as a stolen vehicle.

Rutherford County Crime Stoppers is offering up to a $1,000 reward for information on the arrest and conviction of this thief.

Anyone with inforamtion should call 615-893-STOP.

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