19-year-old driver loses control, ends up in Ashland City pond

Courtesy: Ashland City Fire Department

ASHLAND CITY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Rescuers saved a teen Wednesday afternoon after she lost control on the slushy roads and ended in up in an Ashland City pond.

Katelynn Baker, 19, told News 2 she was driving home from Walmart when a car in the opposite lane started swerving on the slush.

The car then started coming toward her so Baker says she slammed on her brakes and started sliding herself.

She slid right into a pond that was only about four feet deep but with dangerously cold water.

Courtesy: Ashland City Fire Department
Courtesy: Ashland City Fire Department

“The door wasn’t going to open,” Baker said. “There was too much pressure. I knew there was nothing nearby to bust my window out and I didn’t have the strength. So I immediately started looking for another way out.”

She explained that earlier that day she had tried to open her sunroof but it was frozen shut.

But while in the water, she tried again and it miraculously opened.

“I have a guardian angel or am extremely lucky,” Baker told News 2.

She grabbed her cell phone, headed to the roof of the car and called 911. While waiting for rescuers to arrive, she said some passersby stopped and tried to help while others stared but kept driving.

Moments later, the Ashland City Fire Department got to the scene.

“For such a small town I was very impressed with not only how quick but how well-equipped our officers and fire department were and handled the situation,” said Baker. “I can’t thank them enough.”

Captain Matt Waldron with the Ashland City Fire Department said the rescue was a first for him.

“You don’t get vehicles off in a pond very often,” Waldron added.

A GoFundMe page was set up by one of Katelynn Baker’s friends so she can get a new car or to help repair the one that was submerged.

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