How to prevent frozen pipes in your home

(Photo: WKRN)

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — When it comes to the bitter cold temperatures, we have important safety reminders on how to keep your pipes from freezing.

Larry Gemma, of Gem Plumbing & Heating, said if you do not protect your home correctly, you could destroy your home and it could cost hundreds of thousands to repair it.

Here are some tips that experts recommend you should do:
•Shut off all exterior faucets and let out any remaining water — if the pipes are empty they won’t freeze.
•You should keep your house warm, about 70 degrees is ideal.
•Open your closet doors and bathroom sink cabinets to expose your pipes to the warm air.

Plumbers say they have responded to hundreds of calls for flooded basements, which are the result of frozen pipes bursting and leaking.

Gemma said if you have a frozen water pipe, you should apply some heat to let it thaw out.

If the water is still not running or the pipe is broken, then you should call a professional immediately.

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