Only 1 Powerball sign in state of Tennessee is correct

Photo: WKRN

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Tennessee Lottery President and CEO Rebecca Hargrove is not usually the one going up in the lift to make changes to jackpot billboards.

But Monday, as the Powerball jackpot swelled to a record $1.4 billion, she did just that.

Hargrove helped place a large “B” over the front of “Million” on a sign just off I-40 near North Nashville.

A decimal point was also added, which allowed the sign to expand past its normal $999 million maximum.

“We’ve got one jackpot sign in the state that’s right,” Hargrove said with a laugh after the changes were made.

Signs across the country are currently inaccurate and maxed out at $999 million.

They weren’t built to handle a jackpot that big.

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“Powerball started in ’92. It’s taken 24 years to get a billion dollar jackpot,” said Hargrove. “It’s not something that any of us really anticipated.”

The Tennessee Lottery only made changes to the one billboard. Lottery officials say it’s not cost-effective to change them statewide.

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