FDA: Pizza boxes contain chemical that can damage your health

cheese pizza
(Photo: WKRN)

AUSTIN, Texas (KXAN) — Ordering pizza could be damaging to your health, but not for the reasons you may think.

The Food and Drug Administration has filed a petition to ban several common chemicals found in food packaging.

The government believes the chemicals may cause birth defects and cancer.

The chemicals are are also used in some sandwich wrappers and the lining of microwave popcorn bags.

Almost a dozen groups filed a petition for the ban.

The petition proposes the FDA no longer provide for the use of three perfluoroalkyl ethyl containing food-contact substances (FCSs) as oil and water repellants for paper and paperboard for use in contact with aqueous and fatty foods.

The three FCSs which are the subjects of this petition are as follows:

  1. Diethanolamine salts of mono- and bis (1 H, 1 H, 2 H, 2 H perfluoroalkyl) phosphates where the alkyl group is even-numbered in the range C8-C18 and the salts have a fluorine content of 52.4 percent to 54.4 percent as determined on a solids basis;
  2. Pentanoic acid, 4,4-bis [(gamma-omega-perfluoro-C8-20-alkyl)thio] derivatives, compounds with diethanolamine (CAS Reg. No. 71608-61-2); and
  3. Perfluoroalkyl substituted phosphate ester acids, ammonium salts formed by the reaction of 2,2-bis[([gamma], [omega]-perfluoro C4-20 alkylthio) methyl]-1,3-propanediol, polyphosphoric acid and ammonium hydroxide.

The FDA says the final rule will go into effect 30 days after its published in the federal register.

Read the petition here. 

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