City leaders ban heavy vehicles on part of road in Nolensville

NOLENSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A broken sidewalk and a safety concern for pedestrians in Nolensville have prompted town leaders to ban big trucks from one road.

The housing boom in Nolensville is one reason many side roads are being used by heavy community trucks.

The trucks will still be able to come through town, but soon they won’t be allowed on one road or they could receive a ticket.

The Pained Dragonfly opened its business in the heart of Nolensville’s historic district in September.

The owners spend nearly $40,000 installing parking lot and sidewalk.

“Once the sidewalk went in we had trouble with a lot of the large trucks cutting the corner and within three days the brand news sidewalk was broken up and crumbled,” worker Susan Bickford told News 2.

That’s why Nolensville mayor and board of aldermen voted Thursday night on second reading to prohibit heavy commercial vehicles, like dump trucks and semis, weighing 7,000 pounds empty, from traveling on a stretch of Old Clovercroft Road from Nolensville Road to Sam Donald Road.

The stretch of roadway prohibited to truck is less than a mile.

“Hopefully it will help prolong the life of the sidewalk and the pavement, new pavement that’s been put in there,” Bickford said.

It’s not just about sidewalks being damaged; residents are also concerned about pedestrians.

“We have a lot of pedestrian traffic too, so hopefully it will improve safety,” Bickford said.

“What we are trying to do in Nolensville, like many communities are, is encourage pedestrian traffic,” Town engineer Don Swartz said. “Encourage people to park the cars and walk throughout, especially our historic District, so if we’re going to encourage people to use the sidewalk, we need to make them as safe as possible.”

“No Truck” signs will soon be erected, so heavy duty trucks will just have to keep on trucking past Old Clovercroft Road.

“There is no need for trucks to be on this particular section of roadway, they have alternate routes that would be much more suitable,” Swartz said.

Big trucks will be able to use Clovercroft, which is only a few yards away, and then turn onto Old Clovercroft if they need to get to Sam Donald Road.

The city engineer will soon be ordering the signs which are expected to be installed by the end of the month.

The town also has a long-range plan to improve the street scape of the historic district, including brick sidewalks and decorative lighting.

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