Nashville Gun Shop turns to anti-terrorist tactics

Photo: WKRN

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – With at least four brazen break-ins at Nashville area gun businesses since mid-October where vehicles are used as battering rams, one local firearms store employs security similar to anti-terrorist measures to fight back.

The Nashville Gun Shop now has several 4,000 pound concrete blocks in the front and side of its Antioch store, along with a new barbed wire fence surrounding the business.

Those kind of barriers have often been used by federal or state facilities to protect against explosive-laden vehicles being driven into their buildings.

The concrete blocks are just part of the $50,000 worth of security measures taken by co-owners Demir and Mustafa Demirhisar after their gun store was broken into twice in the last 14-months by thieves using a vehicle as ramming device.

Demir Demirhisar just grinned when asked about the security measures that resemble anti-terrorist tactics.

“Well, one might think that way, right?” he said answering the question with a question, but then he turned serious.

“So every delay or barrier you add, you are giving cops more opportunity to respond in a timely manner,” the gun shop owner explained to News 2.

Security measures are not mandated by any federal guidelines and people can protect their property anyway they want.

Before the brothers opened their gun store, they had a printing shop at the same Antioch Pike site without the present security.

“No fences, no concrete barriers, no roll up steel doors. The front was all glass,” added Demir. “And there was not a single break-in.”

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