Family collects 10,000 shoes to help pay for boy’s autism service dog

(Courtesy: WLFI)

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — A West Lafayette family is hosting a shoe drive to help raise money to buy an autism service dog for their nephew and so far they’ve collected more than 10,000 shoes.

Their four-year-old nephew, who falls on the autism spectrum, is hoping to receive a service dog. The dog will be trained to manage and hinder his escapes, but it’s something his family can’t afford alone.

His Aunt Karan Hustedt-Warren is doing everything she can to help raise enough funds. She started the Loafers for Logen shoe drive in November.

The more than 10,000 shoes have far surpassed the original goal of 2,500. She plans to donate the shoes and receive 40 cents for every pound collected.

Hustedt-Warren said the family feels so blessed to have so much support.

The drive will continue through Jan. 9.

To learn more about Logen’s story, or donate directly, visit

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