Billboard for ‘white people’ dating website stirs controversy


WEST VALLEY, Utah  (CNN/WNCN) — Some people are puzzled by the dating website called

The dating website put up a huge billboard last week along a highway in West Valley, Utah.

(Courtesy: WFLA)
(Courtesy: WFLA)

The new billboard is turning heads — and some stomachs.

“My first reaction was how awful it is,” said Kayla Lemmon.

Plastered along the 201 Freeway between 5600 west and 7200 south is an advertisement for “where white people meet.”

The dating site seems to have some pretty clear intentions.

It appeared to launch in August and so far, it claims to have around 800 “members” which is up from just a hundred in less than a week — before a story about the website ran on TV, according to data reported by a Utah newspaper.

“I have a lot of friends who are biracial couples and they are in love and they are happy,” Lemmon said.

Even though in fine print the website claims to be open to everyone.

“Even though they say that anyone can sign up for it, what are they trying to hint at, like, they are technically saying it’s just for white people,” one person said.

Many people a Utah TV station spoke with say the site is sending the wrong message.

“I just think we should’ve passed that whole mindset of staying within our own races, segregation pretty much!” said Michelle Dessau.

But many people weighing in on Facebook feel differently.

Christina says “There are dating sites for black, Latino, Jewish, Catholic, Mormon, Muslim, farmers etc., who cares?”

Tami says “I don’t see a problem with this, a lot of dating sites are geared toward specific races or culture, and even farmers. What’s the big deal if a white person wants to date only other white people?”

The website says it’s based in Utah in North Salt Lake.

Before a TV station ran a story about the website, The Salt Lake City Tribune previously reported that most of its members — less than 100 — have only joined in recent days.

However, a search by WNCN on Sunday found the website was claiming 700 members – even though only about 480 were returned in a general search with no criteria chosen.

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