Sound of city’s growth unsettling for Murfreesboro residents

Photo: WKRN

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s a sound that can be heard all over Murfreesboro, the sound of progress, but some aren’t hearing it.

Some residents are using ear plugs, while others try to stay away from home while construction crews use a hoe ram to bust up rock to make way for a new condo development.

“All day, every day, Monday through Friday, crews are here busting up rock,” Wade said.

Wade works third shift at Nissan and right now he should be sleeping, but with the sound feet away from his backyard, he can’t.

Photo: WKRN
Photo: WKRN

“The noise in the background, it goes on all day long,” Wade said. “I normally just sit up, and sit around and watch TV, or attempt to watch TV until I’m so tired I just pass out.”

It’s no better for his neighbor Timothy Wise.

“Noise creates a tremendous amount of stress, and my coping factor is to leave,” Wise said. “I have to go somewhere else to get away from it completely.”

The Garrison Cove Cottages of Willowbrook will be built directly behind Wise’s Owasa Trail home.

He got so fed up with the noise he took his complaint to the city.

“I don’t want to stop the growth of the community, but I do want to maintain a minimum amount of quality of life, and I think this can be accomplish by the amount of time they are allowed to run these machine,” Wise said.

This neighborhood off Gold Valley Road near South Rutherford is not alone; construction is going on all over the city and parts of the county.

Residents don’t have to sit by quietly; if they feel noise is a problem, they can file a complaint with the city.

City officials tell News 2 they will send an inspector to measure the noise level, and if it exceeds the allowable decibels, the contractor could be warned, even fined.

In this case, a noise level reading was taken by a Murfreesboro police officer and is in the process of being analyzed and evaluated.

That’s little comfort for Wade who has a six-month old daughter who sleeps right through it, most of the time, but he’s worried about her hearing once the noise is over.

“We take her to her doctor and have her checked, and so far nothing has been found with hearing loss at this time,” Wade said.

News 2 also contacted the builder of project, Ole South Properties.

Vice President of Development Jason Beaver said blasting would be cheaper and quicker, but that’s not an option because of water mains and homes are too close.

Beaver said he hopes excavation company BoBo Construction, LLC will have the rock evacuation completed in days.

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