News 2’s Cory Curtis NFL Power Rankings for Week 15

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(Graphic: WKRN)

NFL Power Rankings time and once again it’s harder to figure out who the worst of the bad are!!!! Only 11 teams in the NFL have a winning record… That’s terrible.

32. San Francisco 49ers – Yep, they beat the Bears, but anybody who gets beat down that badly by John Manziel and the Browns is last.

31. Cleveland Browns – I’m supremely confident the Browns will find a way to finish the season in the last spot. They finish with Seattle, Kansas City and Pittsburgh… That has 3 blowouts written all over it!!!

30. Tennessee Titans – No Dexter McCluster and no Derrick Morgan spells trouble for this team. Brian Orakpo has 0 sacks since Morgan went out. They could also be without Kendall Wright at New England and Mike Mularkey could be bringing a knife to a gun fight.

29. San Diego Chargers – They’re bad with an aging quarterback. Not a good combination.

28. Baltimore Ravens – They have fewer healthier bodies than the Titans… Just not a lot of meat left on that bone.

27. Atlanta Falcons – Holy death spiral Batman!!!! 6 losses in a row!!! What has happened to that offense? Devonta Freeman started soooooooo hot, he hasn’t scored a TD in 6 weeks.

26. Dallas Cowboys – Matt Cassel can’t even complete passes to Dez Bryant. Enough said.

25. Miami Dolphins – Bad loss Monday night. They couldn’t exploit a bad defense in the second half and they have way too much invested in Suh and that defense to get that poor of a performance.

24. Detroit Lions – Matt Stafford achieved Cassel like status completing 1 pass to Calvin Johnson last week. Amazing to see they lost.

23. St. Louis Rams – Todd Gurley is still special and they still have a lot of pieces on defense, but until they trade up into the top 5 of the draft and get a QB it’s tough to get excited about this team.

22. New Orleans Saints – Nice win in Tampa Sunday. With Mark Ingram out they committed to Tim Hightower with 28 carries. Looks like CJ Spiller will be looking for another team next year.

21. Chicago Bears – They just can’t win at home. Losses to the 49ers and Redskins at Soldier Field are just embarrassing.

20. Jacksonville Jaguars – 90 points in 2 weeks!!! Blake Bortles, Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns… I’m on board, it’s time to get excited about the Jags future.

19. Indianapolis Colts – 3 games to go for the Colts and won’t be surprised to see them lose all of them.

18. Tampa Bay Bucs – Costly loss at home, but that’s going to happen with a young team.

17. Oakland Raiders – Khalil Mack had 5 sacks against the Broncos!!! 5!!! That’s their best win of the year and he’s why it happened.

16. Buffalo Bills – Too many good pieces to be 6-7, but yet that’s reality with mediocre QB plays and penalty issues.

15. Houston Texans – 2 sacks for Jadeveon Clowney against the Patriots has to be a reason for optimism. However, a 2nd concussion for Brian Hoyer could blurr their chances for the post season.

14. New York Giants – How does Odell Beckham Jr. run down the middle of the field wide open? Doesn’t matter, he’s still ridiculous.

13. Washington Redskins – Looks like the keys to the car are going to be Kirk Cousins for a while. Where is RGIII next year?

12. Philadelphia Eagles – The NFL’s Rasputin this year. They just won’t die. Back to back wins over the Pats and Bills are impressive and maybe Sam Bradford deserves “a little” credit.

11. Minnesota Vikings – I fought off believing in this team, I should have stuck with my gut.

10. New York Jets – Strong defensive line, corners and wide receiver play. They’re a dangerous team if Ryan Fitzpatrick continues this “out of body” experience the rest of the season.

9. Cincinnati Bengals – Frankly with AJ McCarron at quarterback they probably shouldn’t be ranked this high.

8. Green Bay Packers – Looked a little more like themselves beating the Cowboys, but beating a bad team doesn’t prove much.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers – They are lighting it up on offense!!! 5 straight games over 30 points! Who do they think they are the Patriots?

6. Seattle Seahawks – Looking more and more like the Seahawks and Russell Wilson really looks sharp with 16 TD’s in the last 4 games.

5. Kansas City Chiefs – 7 wins in a row. They are the hottest team in the AFC if not the NFL. They are plowing people. That defense is dynamite and Alex Smith and Jeremy Maclin are officially getting it done.

4. Denver Broncos – Decision time looms. Is a home loss to Oakland enough to make them consider a return engagement for Peyton Manning?

3. Arizona Cardinals – 1st in total offense, 4th in total defense. Enough said.

2. New England Patriots – Gronk is back and that Patriots defense continues to get overlooked because of Brady and the offense. Just ask Brian Hoyer about that group. Ouch.

1. Carolina Panthers – Cam Newton is officially in the zone. They’ve scored at least 27 points every game since week 3!!!

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