Buffalo boy survives for 2 days alone in home next to dead mother

(Courtesy: WIVB)

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – A 4-year-old boy from Buffalo survived two days in his home after his mom suddenly died in the house. A Rent-A-Center Employee is now credited for helping to save the boy’s life.

That employee, Taijuan Littleton said anyone would do what he did.

He found Bryan Allen Jr. alone next to his mother’s body, surviving on just milk and maple syrup. Littleton is being hailed as a hero but he doesn’t agree.

Littleton said, “I don’t think I’m a hero, I think any decent person would have done it.”

It was by chance he visited the three bedroom apartment on East Delevan last Friday. He said, “I believe God, the Lord put me there for a reason. Right time, right moment.”

(Courtesy: WIVB)
(Courtesy: WIVB)

Littleton was following up on a scheduled appointment with long-time customer Shaleena Hamilton. Inside he found Allen standing next to his mom, lying by the staircase.

She suffered a blood clot, fell, broke her neck and died.  He said, “To see a body like that, that’s hard.”

Allen’s grandfather and Hamilton’s mother said, “I’m going to miss her.” He said he couldn’t be more thankful for Littleton jumping into action.

He said, “I’m so appreciative of him, because if he hadn’t found him, there’s no telling how long he would’ve been in that house. So I appreciate it so much.”

The story stuck with detectives at the Buffalo Police Department.

Lieutenant Steve Nichols with the Buffalo Police Department said, “A 4-year-old boy to spend two days in the house with his mom who had just passed has gotta be extremely traumatic event.”

Police arranged for donations to make sure that this Christmas is not one of trauma, but one where Bryan feels special.

Porter said, “He’s going to love this, he’s going to love it. He’s not going to know what to open up first.”

A lot of presents for Allen are coming into the Police Department. Police will present him with a new bicycle and other gifts on Monday.

Bryan is in the care of relatives.



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