8 ways to save on Christmas gifts this week

(Photo: WKRN)

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Christmas is a week away. That means the rush is on to finish shopping, which is why WTNH came up with eight ways to help you to do that without the breaking your budget.

It’s down to the wire. You’ve likely made the list and are now checking it twice, hoping to find those last few items for a really good price.

First, keep your eye on social media. A number of stores nowadays post special deals to their loyal followers that you’ll only cash in on if you look for it.

Second, choose your payment method wisely before you pay. Use a credit card that comes with cash-back or other incentives.

At No. 3, leave items in your shopping cart for a day or two if you can. Retailers just want you to complete the sale so many of them will send you additional coupons in your email to encourage you to complete your purchase.

No 4. on our list: Don’t pay for shipping. Too many stores are offering free shipping right now, like Target and Walmart.

Remember it never hurts to ask. That’s No. 5. If the store with the lowest price isn’t offering free shipping, ask for it or go to a store that does and ask for them to match the better price. If the item you want is still too expensive, set up a price alert using one of a number of apps available.

Also, buy a discounted gift card. That’s No. 7. Sites like Raise.com or GiftCardGranny.com offer deals on gift cards. You can use that to buy gifts or give it as a gift itself.

Last but not least, at No. 8, time may be running out but choose the day you shop wisely. Certain items will be discounted on certain days leading up to Christmas.

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