News 2’s Cory Curtis NFL Power Rankings for Week 14

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(Graphic: WKRN)

Tuesday is here and it’s time for the week 14 NFL Power Rankings… Drum rollllll please…

  1. Cleveland Browns – There is NO DEBATE. The Clowns are the worst. THE END.
  1. San Diego Chargers – 3-9 with an aging quarterback and tight end… Those are not good combinations.
  1. Baltimore Ravens – Ryan Tannehill turned in a terrible performance of epic proportions and still beat them. Matt Schaub did not throw a pick 6, that means he’s throwing 2 this weekend.
  1. The St. Louis Rams – In an absolute free fall. The lack of quarterback play is killing them and Toddy Gurley. After stringing together 4 monster games Gurley is averaging 52 yards a game over the last 5.
  1. New Orleans Saints – Will the parents who left their children at the Super Dome please pick them up… They’ve already hung 4 touchdowns on that Saints defense. They’re giving up 31.7 points per game… Yes, that’s worst in the NFL.
  1. Jacksonville Jaguars – Really disappointed to see them drop games to the Chargers and Titans after that big Thursday night win to get in the AFC South race. That’s a whiff. Allen Robinson is REALLLLLY good. He already has 1080 yards and 11 TD’s.
  1. San Francisco 49ers – As a Bears fan I am mortified to lose to Blaine Gabbert.
  1. Tennessee Titans – 5 games under Mike Mularkey (2-3) and all of them have come down to the 4th quarter. Kendall Wright has not put up big numbers in his return but clearly has helped the offense which has topped 20 points in both games (21 & 42).
  1. Oakland Raiders – They’ve dropped 4 of their last 5 and that’s about to 6 of 7 with the Broncos and Packers looming.
  1. Miami Dolphins – Somehow against one of the worst defenses in the league Ryan Tannehill completed only 2 passes for 5 yards to Jarvis Landry. Uh… Hellloooo… What are we doing here?

19-22) The NFC East – No one wants to win this. Just when we thought the Redskins were tough at home they lose to the Cowboys and Matt Cassell.

  1. Chicago Bears – Hugely disappointing loss to the 49ers at home. Now they’ve lost Martellus Bennett for the season.
  1. Indianapolis Colts – They got DESTROYED in Pittsburgh but they’ve won 16 straight in the AFC South and 3 of their last 4 are in division. I’m guessing that win streak ends… Maybe even turns into a losing streak.
  1. Atlanta Falcons – 1 and 6 over the last 7. My mom told me that’s the wrong direction. Offense has disappeared. Remember when Ryan, Jones and Freeman were unstoppable!?
  1. Detroit Lions – Jim Bob Cooter and Matthew Stafford… Yep, that’s a thing and a good one so far.
  1. Houston Texans – Their defense was rolling before giving up 21 first half points in Buffalo. They still have a strong shot at winning the division, but next up… New England.
  1. Tampa Bay Bucs – Jameis Winston is getting it done. That 3rd and 19 conversion was ridiculous and is the stuff teammates notice. They’re 6-5 since that opening day rout.
  1. Buffalo Bills – Still 6-6 and impossible to believe in.
  1. New York Jets – They rallied late to beat the Giants… I’d be excited about it, but half of the league has done that this season.
  1. Minnesota Vikings – Stop Adrian Peterson and you probably beat them.
  1. Green Bay Packers – 8-4 and 1 penalty away from 7-5…. You make your luck sometimes but they got lucky in Detroit. They’re hardly fixed. Remember they were 6-0.
  1. Pittsburgh Steelers – That offense is ridiculous. Every phase of it. However, Big Ben just takes too much punishment. Also, that defense has to prove it can win against good teams.
  1. Russel Wilson – OK, it’s the Seattle Seahawks, but he’s played like a one man team lately. 11 touchdowns with 0 interceptions in the last 3 games and really looking good in the pocket.
  1. Kansas City Chiefs – I picked them for the Super Bowl and they can still do it after 6 straight wins… One of the hottest teams in the league. Their defense can beat anyone.
  1. New England Patriots – I’m not reading too much into their collapse against the Eagles, but Tom Brady needs some healthy bodies to throw to.
  1. Denver Broncos – Running the ball and playing defense… Finally sounds like Gary Kubiak is the head coach. Peyton Manning, I just don’t see it happening.
  1. Arizona Cardinals – Near the top of the league on both sides of the ball. Carson Palmer has made an amazing recovery from the ACL and just knows how to win.
  1. Cincinnati Bengals – Top seed in the AFC right now. A lot like Arizona, dangerous on both sides of the ball. Jeremy Hill is coming around with 86 and 98 yards the last two games.
  1. Carolina Panthers – 4 games to go and it’s hard to see where they lose. The Falcons get them twice. If Ted Ginn Jr. could just catch the ball they’d be really explosive.

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