5-year-old meets man who donated part of his liver to save her life

Courtesy: WKBN

NILES, Ohio (WKBN) – A 5-year-old Ohio girl in foster care met the man who gave her a life-saving liver transplant over this year.

Other than having a tube in her nose, Jamie looks and acts like any other kid, which makes it hard to believe that in April she was fighting to stay alive.

The little girl received a portion of David Denovchek’s liver after he volunteered to donate a piece of it to the little girl that he didn’t even know.

Marilyn Pape, of Trumbull County Children Services, said it is remarkable that someone came forward to help Jamie, who was in the foster care system.

“It’s really unbelievable, especially with all the tragedies that are happening in the world today to see something like this, something so unselfish happen from a guy that didn’t even know little Jamie is a miracle,” she said.

Courtesy: WKBN
Courtesy: WKBN

Denovchek came forward when Trumbull County Children Services made a plea to the community for help. At the time, doctors said Jamie had only weeks to live.

Now, nearly seven months after the liver transplant, the two have met for the first time.

“There’s no words. She’s just this crazy little kid. She’s just like I was, still am really, so it’s just awesome get to chase her around here play with her. It’s incredible,” Denovchek said.

Jamie continues physical therapy at the Children’s Institute in Pittsburgh.

She suffered a broken leg this past summer because her bones are frail from being sick, but her new liver is functioning well.

“It’s just amazing, too, that it went well. It’s working. She’s getting to be a kid. It’s incredible. It’s an incredible feeling,” Denovchek said.

And soon, Jamie may have a home of her own, as her foster family is moving forward with the adoption process.

As for Denovchek, he said he would do it all over again for Jamie and hopes to stay in contact with her for many years to come.

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