TDOT bridge rehabilitation project done 7 months ahead of schedule

Courtesy: TDOT

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Friday marked the end of a major project by the Tennessee Department of Transportation to rehabilitate 8 bridges along Interstate 40 in downtown Nashville.

The department finished the project 8 months head of the scheduled end date of June 2016.

“It was less than what we estimated and we finished 7-months ahead of schedule,” Commissioner John Schroer said.

Closures were put in place over 13 weekends but crews completed their work with only 10 closures affecting interstate traffic.

“We would tear a bridge down Friday starting Friday night at 8:00 and we would work like crazy until Monday morning at 6:00,” Schroer said.

The $62 million rehabilitation project included the removal and replacement of four twin bridges along I-40 that crossed over Herman Street, Clinton Street, Jo Johnston Avenue, and Charlotte Avenue.

Built in 1968, the eastbound and westbound bridges showed advanced signs of deterioration and required near-constant maintenance prior to the Fast Fix 8 project.

“These bridges were 50 years old and they were deteriorating; we had concrete falling onto Charlotte Pike,” the commissioner said.

During the interstate closures, all traffic was detoured beginning Friday night, allowing workers, equipment, and materials to access the bridge sites over the weekend.

If these 8 bridges would have been constructed in a conventional manner, it would have taken 2 and ½ years to complete, and highway would have been shut down daily.

“Which would have disrupted those 100,000 vehicles every single day, and we just didn’t think it was a possibility for us and this was one of the only alternatives we had to replace these bridges without affecting the economy of Nashville,” Schroer said.

Work continued around the clock in order to have the roadway ready by Monday morning rush hour.

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