Horrible smell remains in Bellevue creek weeks after being tested

(Photo: WKRN)

BELLEVUE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A creek in a Bellevue neighborhood has been called ‘nauseating’ by neighbors.

The creek is near River Plantation on Sawyer Brown Road.

Back in October, News 2 reported that the water in the creek was being tested and the source could have been tied to the nearby Mapco at 7600 Highway 70 S.

“The smell has intensified more,” said Nikki Nobles, who lives at River Plantation. “I’m sick of it,” she continued.

John Randolph, Nobles’ neighbor, told News 2 “We live all the way across the street over there we can smell it when we come outside.”

“I’m just hoping that one day I will get up and there will be no more smell,” said Nobles.

A Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation sent News 2 this statement:

“Mapco’s environmental consultant has kept us informed about this site. They indicated the odors have diminished since TDEC was first notified on 10/12/15. However, odors seem to reoccur when the weather changes. The odors could be from natural sulfur emitting algae and/or trace petroleum. To date, no fuel (e.g., gasoline or diesel fuel) has been observed in the creek. Mapco’s consult continues to monitor the creek and have equipment (e.g. booms) in place as a preventative measure.

The E.coli concentrations from the spring that flows into the creek are very low and do not indicate raw sewage is present. The benzene concentrations in the spring were above the Division of Underground Storage Tanks (UST) most stringent levels, but they are below the applicable screening levels for water organisms. The surface water samples collected to date indicate the benzene concentrations have decreased over time.

Mapco tested their USTs and lines on 10/16/15 and they tested tight and their release detection records are in compliance and do not indicate a release has occurred. The November 13, 2015 Site Check Report did not reveal soil contamination above initial screening levels; however, a groundwater sample from a monitoring well that was installed at the Mapco site did reveal a benzene concentration above initial screening levels. Therefore, Mapco was required to move forward with a larger scale investigation. They have already completed the soil phase of the investigation and are moving forward with the groundwater investigation phase. Once the Mapco site has been characterized, the site will move forward, likely into the corrective action, or know as remediation, phase.”

A Mapco Spokesman sent News 2 this statement regarding the store at 7600 Highway 70 S.:

“MAPCO continues to work with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (“TDEC”) to determine if MAPCO’s store located at 7600 Hyw 70 S is the source of an odor around a nearby creek. As requested by TDEC, testing of the store’s tanks and lines was completed October 16, 2015 and a written report was submitted within the required time period. The results of the test showed the tanks and lines passed with no fuel leaks and the records at the location are in compliance with TDEC petroleum underground storage tank regulations. The cause of the odor in the area has not been determined at this time and MAPCO continues to work with TDEC to investigate the source.”

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